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Simple & Effective

eFlyer is the fast, low-cost way to reach area Realtors®.

Our databases contain more than 63,000 Realtors® in Greater Houston, Greater Austin and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. They are flexible to fit your needs: select the entire database or just one region; choose a certain radius around your project or just one zip code.

eFlyer is the perfect solution for sending your current inventory list, a Realtor® event invitation or reminder, as well as special promotions or advertisements for your Realtor program. We create a dazzling color ad to match your existing campaign, or create custom artwork from the ground up and make sure your message wows whether it is received on a computer or on a mobile device. Best of all, your company’s name appears in the From line, so agents will never see your message as junk mail.

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Get Invited

Enhance your Realtor® marketing efforts. is a consolidated source for Realtors® to check for scheduled builder and developer events. Banner ads are also available on this site.

The eFlyer Difference

eFlyer caters to the residential home building industry in Texas and offers experienced business-to-business email marketing to Houston Area Realtors®. The same person who hand-crafted our Realtor® email list has maintained it every day for nearly twenty years. It is the most accurate list available and includes almost 63,000 unique real estate agents – no affiliates. Our list also targets specific city areas to reach the agents you want without burdening anyone else.

Using an illegally-obtained third party list carries great risk and will likely have you blacklisted by Internet Service Providers. At eFlyer, we exceed all federal laws governing email and are recognized by ISPs as a legitimate business-to-business email marketing company.

Houston, Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth area Realtors® know eFlyer. When their email addresses change, they let us know so they can continue receiving eFlyers.

We provide quick 24-48 hour turnaround.

We only send builder and developer eFlyer messages to our list. We do not accept business from insurance companies, mortgage companies or any other businesses. This way agents are not bombarded by too many messages and your message is more effective.

We respect Realtors® and carefully schedule our messages so they receive a limited number per day.

We created to provide Realtors® with a place to find your events and promotions. The site also helps marketing directors plan their events so they do not conflict with other events. We have also developed other complementary services to make your job easier, such as online surveys and color copies of your eFlyer messages.

Industry Member
eFlyer is part of your industry. Founders Terrie Lewis and Cheryl Boe-Perry have fifty years combined experience in the Houston home building industry and understand your objectives. eFlyer is also a member of the GHBA, the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Home Builders.

eFlyer offers outstanding service and quality.