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To order your eFlyer, simply log in or create your account. Fill out the fields below and click Submit Your Order. If you have any artwork to include, please read the guidelines at the bottom of this page. You will receive a proof within two business days of placing your order (one business day if you are submitting finished artwork in PDF or JPG format with no creation required). Once approved, your eFlyer will be distributed within two business days.

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Total size of all uploaded files should not exceed 10MB (10000KB). If total file size is larger than 10MB (10000KB) please email the files to to insure all of your content is included in your eFlyer.


Files can also be emailed to for your convenience. The following formats are preferred:

  • PDF
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) or Generic eps
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
  • TIFF files (.tif), Bitmap (.bmp), PICT (.pict), JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) files
  • No Publisher files accepted

Small representations of your graphics will not work, so make sure your artwork is large enough to distinguish. We cannot work with embedded images in layout programs like Quark or presentation programs like PowerPoint. For best quality, images should be provided along with layouts. The better the quality of your artwork, the better the final product.

If you wish for eFlyer to only mail your message, please keep these design points in mind:

  • Our email message width is limited to 1200 pixels to accommodate varying screen and mail window sizes.
  • Images must be hard-coded to a server with absolute paths. (

With provided html we cannot guarantee or control the performance and/or the deliverability of the eflyer across all platforms.  For example, use of “CSS”, “javascript”, color codes all impact both the way your eflyer appears in different browsers and how it is delivered (javascript raises flags).  We do not modify the coding when html is provided.